If you use online advertising sites like traffic exchanges, mailers and advertising exchanges to advertise your products and offers, it is vital to remember that some affiliate links won't load properly in a frame (iframe).

This means that if you advertise an affiliate link directly using ad sites, the people who click your link to earn credits will not necessarily even see your offer.

Here is a screenshot of what I see when an affiliate link from an affiliate network who don't allow their links to load in a frame is loaded in an iframe (which is what happens when you click a solo ad for credits).

Firefox iframe error message

You also need to understand that most people will NOT click ‘Open Site in New Window', as people are bombarded with marketing all day long and will not strive to see more of it without a good reason.

Most people won't click the iframe error message to see your site.


What do you DO if you want to promote WarriorPlus offers (and other ‘won't load in a frame' affiliate links)?

The solution is very simple.

You use a simple ‘splash page' or even a more detailed ‘presell page' for your offer.

A splash page is just a really simple presell page (aka bridge page) designed to grab the attention of your visitors really quickly.

A splash page should grab their attention and stand out from the ‘noise' by being visually striking or emotive in some way.

It shouldn't require the viewer to read excessive quantities of text, instead compelling them to click a link and load another website in a NEW FRAME.

Here is an example of a splash page..

an example of a splashpage

Please click the image if you want to see exactly how it works.

That splash page presents a simple message with just 1 function..

..to get my viewers to click the ‘get started' button and load my offer in a new frame, where the potential customer won't be worrying about ‘surf timers' or any other distractions, and will be able to absorb the rest of the details of my offer.

That is your job as a marketer if you use ad sites, to get people to open your offers in new frames outside the ad sites, so that they can interact with your offers properly.

If you post affiliate links at ad sites, some affiliate links will not even load and even those links that do load are WAY less effective than promoting presell pages because most affiliate links have already been seen several times by your viewers and the payment buttons often don't even work in a frame (which is how they would probably be loaded at an ad site).

Even if you are promoting your own lead magnet funnel with a front-end squeeze page, you might want to use a splash to get your potential lead to see your site in a new frame, where they have more time to consider whether or not they wish to enter their email.

OK, so what ways are there to build a cool squeeze page for your affiliate offer if you haven't already got a prebuilt one?

You have 2 basic options:

  1. Build a splash page on a 3rd party platform.
  2. Use your own website.

You can use one or more of the following sites to create your own splash pages.

All of these sites are effective traffic sources from which I have derived several leads and sales.

There are also plenty of other sites around with effective splash page creation tools that you can use for free.

You can use the splash pages you build to send your visitors to any offer you like.

You can use them to boost your affiliate conversions by preselling your visitors, warming your potential customers up to your affiliate offer before they click your actual direct link to the vendor's page for the affiliate offer.

The other option is to build your own website.

If you want to build your own presence on your own domain you need a domain and hosting.

Buying a domain and hosting is fairly cheap and enables you to build your online business much more easily and look more professional and credible as a source of information.

To summarize, building presell / bridge pages, preferably on your own site, is a much easier and WAY more effective way to promote affiliate offers on ad sites.

Hopefully this information will enable you to avoid throwing away your advertising spend and/or valuable time on page views that do not visibly load and get some targeted visitors seeing your affiliate promotions.

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